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Technical Engineer

Job description 

  1. Conduct daily inspection for the ongoing riprapping works at Westdale Villas
  2. Prepares cost estimates (materials, labor and equipment cost) for Housing, special land development, amenities and others.
  3. Responsible in checking of design plans, details for budgeting and implementation.
  4. Performs site inspection to verify site actual condition before budgeting and for projects status updates.
  5. Conduct inspection to monitor if the approved design and specifications are properly implemented.
  6. Coordination with Project Managers and Project Engineers with regards to the contractors requirements and performance
  7. Coordination with others departments on the other details needed during awarding and procurement of contractors
  8. Prepares correspondence, memo and documents related to the projects and facilitate internal requirements.
  9. Monitors the project status updates and propose possible action plans to keep the schedule on tracks.
  10. Other instruction relating to Technical Engineering.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Graduate as a Civil Engineer
  • At least 2 years experience
  • Job Specializations/ Building, Construction, Civil Construction
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