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About Us

Incorporated in May 2004, Homemark Inc. is a fully Filipino-owned company that involves itself in the business of purchasing raw lands and developing them into subdivisions categorized as socialized/low-cost house and lot packages.

Homemark Inc. is the country’s leading partner in providing affordable houses in a quality dwelling community. We raise Filipino pride through:
– The buyers/homeowners by owning a home in a community that enhances Filipino family values and;
– The employees, contractors, business partners, and shareholders of HMI by its active home building to bridge the housing gap in the nation.


Homemark Inc. is a professionally-managed real property developer committed to:

  • Respond to the housing program in the nation
  • Find innovative ways to build quality, affordable houses in a well-planned community that promotes the enrichment of life
  • Care for the environment and the people we work with
  • Deal fairly with our business partners basing on trust and respect to achieve mutually beneficial growth
  • Promote the welfare and career growth of our employees
  • Manage prudently the resources entrusted by the shareholders to achieve sustainable long-term growth
  • Each house we build is dedicated to God and country, standing proud and strong on a foundation of Filipino values: quality and integrity.


Quality, honesty, innovation, improving the lives of Filipinos, and focus on customers, are the core values that guide every Homemark employee at work. By committing ourselves to these values, we perform a unified action of contributing to a highly professionalized real estate industry.

Quality – Product Standards are set on a high level. We define quality by collaborating expert ideas to create safe and affordable dwelling communities. We employ professionals and individuals who act with the utmost professionalism to produce quality-enhancing communities.

Honesty – We are committed to honesty, timeliness, and clarity in communicating with our home buyers and the general public. We deliver what we promise. We interact with the public in an atmosphere of mutual respect and fairness.

Innovation – We build supplier partnerships that enable us to remain at the forefront of the real estate industry by creating new, affordable and innovative housing designs. We look at the competition as a driving force to push us for continuing improvements. We challenge ourselves constantly to improve the value proposition to our home buyers.

Improving Lives of Filipinos – We are guided by the principle that Homemark exists because of the mission to provide better dwelling communities to the economically challenged members of society. Through affordable yet quality homes, we improve the dignity of the person by offering a choice to own a house in a peaceful community to raise a family.

Focus on Customer/Customer-centered – The homebuyer is the most important stakeholder in our business and the lifeblood of Homemark. Only by satisfying our customers first do we have the opportunity to satisfy the needs of our other stakeholders. We exercise teamwork to blend our entire act towards satisfying the needs of our customers.


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