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For the past seven years since the year 2014, Homemark Group of Companies has been consistently part of the Top Ten Developers of Pag-Ibig Fund or other known nas the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) in terms of annual loan Take-Outs under the Economic Housing Category.

Significantly citing, developments and projects completed by Homemark were only confined in the province of Cavite as compared to other major competitors in the same market category where developments and production are scattered not only in Cavite but also in other regions, these achievements are indeed remarkable and outstanding. Having recorded these tremendous annual rankings in the National Capital Region has made Homemark one of the most competitive and promising developer.

Apart from these standings in the National Capital Region, Homemark Group also has bagged the No. 1 slot in the corporate wide or the national level for the years 2014 and 2016, even surpassing the many big players in the economic housing category.

In the midst of this pandemic health crisis coupled with various challenges and turmoil, Homemark has stood to conquer the housing industry with great pride and stability and has maintain its competence to be part of HDMF’s Top Ten Developers in terms of loan take-out production.

(in terms of loan take-out)

CY 2014
CY 2015
CY 2016
CY 2017
CY 2018
CY 2019
CY 2020

HDMF AWARDING (2016-2019)

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